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The Stories

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Here are some of the ghost stories I have received from others around Southeastern Kentucky. Your support is needed, please keep sending the stories in. It is people like you who will make this site what it is.

Ghost At Railroad Tunnel....

There is an old railroad tunnel that lies along therailroad tracks between Jackson and Hazard, Kentucky that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who was killed there many years ago.

When the rails were first being laid along this line in the 1920's, a tunnel had to be dug through a mountain. While the work was in progress, a worker was sawing a board on a high scaffolding. He was constructed a frame that would be used to pour the concrete for the tunnel supports. Below him, more concrete was being poured into a deep trench where the actual rail lines would rest. It would provide a solid support for the steel rails.Suddenly, the worker on the scaffolding lost his balance and fell into the loose concrete mixture below him. His friends and co-workers tried to rescue him but he was quickly lost in the deep trench as the concrete hardened around him.As the years passed, on nights of the full moon, it is said that the screams of this railroad worker, falling to his doom, can be heard echoing in the tunnel. Some even claim to have seen an apparition of a saw protruding from the concrete rail bed..... only to see it vanish before their eyes.

The Kentucky River lies near the tunnel and even today, fisherman on the river claim to hear the sounds of sawing and then a long, terrifying scream coming from inside the old passageway.


Coal Mine Ghost...

Story by: Timothy Walker.   
I live in Eastern Kentucky. Like all of my family before I'm a coal miner the job is not as bad as people think and the pay is rather good. I know of a mine in a county called Harlan where a methane explosion killed 17 miners the bodies were never able to be reached so the mine was sealed. In the number 7 outtake shaft which connects to the sealed mine there have been numerous sightings as well as encounters with well were not sure what. but I myself saw a miner wearing a old carbide head lamp . Now we use battery powered head lights on our helmets carbide lights have been outdated since before I was born. I know of three people who have heard someone yell "fire in the hole" which means that you are going to blast . with primer cord and jell a.k.a. dynamite. It's said that if you go into the number 7 outake and listen you can hear them talking and laughing . My father who is deceased now has told me stories about the 17 miners who still in his opinion haunt the old mine. just thought you'd like to know . I myself don't believe in ghost but I believe in my own eyesight and I saw a man about 6'ft tall wearing overalls and a carbide mining lamp .


If you have a story you wish to share, please email me at . I will publish it on this site.

(C)Just Because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real.