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Rules To Follow

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There are rules to follow when doing an investigation......

Here they are. Follow these and you should be safe.

1. Carry Picture I.D. with you ~ to verify who you are

2. Avoid smoke and any kind of lit flame or lights.

3. Hold your breath while snapping pictures on cold nights. This will prevent fog or mist appearring in your pics.

4. Tie long hair back to prevent it showing up in your pictures.

5. Camera straps are often mistaken for vortexes. So be sure you know where your camera strap is at all times.

6. Avoid taking pictures during bad weather. Rain, storms, lightening, snow, mist, fog, windy days, and or areas with heavy dust. Also you should not take pictures inside with bad conditions.

7. STAY OFF PRIVATE PROPERTY- unless of course you have the owners permission.

8. Never go on an investigation alone, especially in secluded areas.

9. Keep your camera clean at all times. If there is a smudge on the lens it can look like an anomaly.

10. Know where your fingers are and keep them from the lens.

11. Avoid taking pictures of shiny objects such as mirrors, glass, or reflective objects. Also do not take pics of moving objects

12. If your camera has night settings you should use this when taking pictures in the dark or in dark buildings.

13. Never take pictures in the direction of the sun.

14. No playing around on an investigation. Show respect in battlefields, graveyards, etc. Be respectful of the location and of the dead.

15. Never dare a spirit to show itself. You may get more than what you bargained for. And they are not always friendly.

16. Make sure you have a positive attitude going to an investigation. DO NOT SHOW FEAR. The bad spirits feed off of fear and the good ones are pushed away from you. Keep yourself in check and think happy positive thoughts.

17. Always ask permission (of the spirits) before an investigation. Say "We would like to have your permission to take pictures, we also invite you to get your picture taken." Also let them know why you are there and your purpose.

18. Be objective (skeptical) about things you encounter. Find logical reasoning to what you experience. If there are no logical explanations then you may have something worth going further into.

19. A cell phone is not necessary but it might be a good idea just in case..............

20. Ghost Hunting is no place for cigarettes and Beer. You must be clear on this. Beer messes up your senses, and smoking can make picture taking look like you have ghostly forms. If you are going to smoke, smoke away from picture taking.

21. Interview witnesses ~To gain an understanding of what you are dealing with. Also get the idea of what the witnesses current and past mental states are.

22. Check all batteries and make sure your equipment is clean before an investigation. This prevents equipment failure.

23. Never endanger other members of your group. The living come first!

24. Check negatives for confirmation and scratches or dust.

25. Always use new audio and video tapes each time you have an investigation this prevents artifacts of old recordings and you will receive the highest quality recordings.

26. Make no conclusions of an investigation before all facts and materials have been reviewed. This will prevent misleading the client to a conclusion before all the facts have been studied.

27. Everyone should keep a log of events/times that certain things happen. If you sneeze or burp or cough record it! It might sound like something else to another member.

28. If you are going to record EVP's this should be done in the background.

29. If you are lucky enough to have a "Psychic" in the group have them record everything they feel into a log of their own.

30. All reports should be returned to a Leader in the group in a timely manner. This way all investigational studies can be looked over and all of the evidence can be gathered.

31. Flash is only good 9-12 feet away from the camera so remember that.

32.Before an investigation all members need a run through of their location. This means locating all air vents, heaters, fuse boxes, electrical appliances, computers, light sources, reflective objects, etc. There should be test photos taken before an investigation begins.

32. Do not wear parfume or cologne or anything with a scent to an investigation. The dead like to sometimes get our attention with smells. This will prevent a false identification of a supernatural occurence.

33. Do not leave members alone. It is best if two members (a big group) stay together at all times.

34. Never underestimate the dead! Do not show weakness. As I have stated above this is very important. You must keep a positive attitude during an investigation. I have had friends go into one tired and fatigued, it resulted in a possession. This is not fun and can be very scary. Also do not do an investigation if you are sleepy or haven't had much sleep. Also rest up the day ahead of an investigation to prevent such things from happening.


(C)Just Because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real.