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Here are some photos that I and others have submitted.

Member Submissions
Ghostly Fog

This picture was taken seconds before the below picture.

See the orbs. ~~These pictures were submitted by Jerry Burgess of Corbin, Ky

Barbourville Graveyard


This picture was took by me at graveyard in Barbourville Kentucky. It was took using a 35mm Vivatar 550PZ Data Back camera. There were no street lights around to cause glare. This picture was took last October 10-2004

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Below picture was taken by Jerry Burgess-Corbin
click to enlarge

Here are some more photos taken at a graveyard in Middlesboro, Ky.

This picture was taken with a digital camera. Green ectoplasm is seen here.

The picture above and to the right were taken with a regular 35mm camera. Submitter did not say what kind of camera. The above picture shows a big ball of light and three tiny orbs in the right hand corner. The picture to the right is a close up of the three orbs.


(C)Just Because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real.